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<>< VERICON! ><>

It's Time! Tomorrow Night Vericon 2007 Begins at 5:00 PM!!!!

Most of the information in this mail is also available on our website, at

You can also find a list of guests and the ever-evolving schedule.

The URL for the page with all area maps and places to stay and park is


The Con is from Friday, January 26, through Sunday, January 28.
Registration opens at 5 PM on Friday in the main entranceway of Sever,
and the con ends at 3 PM on Sunday. I urge you to check in as soon as
possible, so you can pick up your con booklet and your name tag and
begin attending events, and say hi to the nice people who made all
this possible.

Vericon is located in Sever Hall in Harvard Yard, and before you go
anywhere else you MUST go to the main entranceway of Sever and check
in at registration, and pay if you have not yet paid!

For driving directions to Harvard, search for "1350 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA" at http://www.maps.google.com.

If you're taking the subway, Harvard Square is located on the Red Line.
Fare will be $2.00, travelling from almost anywhere. Harvard Yard is the
area bordered by Massachusetts Avenue, which takes a right-angled turn
through the Square.

For a map of Harvard Yard, follow this link:

Sever is quite easy to recognise, being a large red building with a key-hole
shaped entrance that looks like it ought to have bats roosting in the windows.
It is at right angles to Widener Library, which can be recognised by the
columns and the many steps. Registration will be directly inside. More
information will be available at registration and at the information desk.


If you requested crash space, you will have received a separate confirmation
email with contact information for your host. When you check in at the con,
we'll ask you to confirm that you still need the space. If you have
not already told your host when you are arriving, you should do so as
soon as you can. Otherwise, try
to make yourself findable by your host during the con itself. If you're
having trouble finding your host or any questions about housing during the
con, registration will be happy to help.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide common space where congoers can
sleep. If you do not yet have a place to sleep during the con, please make sure
either to arrange for crash space with someone local, or to stay in a hotel.

If you're looking for a hotel room, a few of the nearer, cheaper local hotels
are listed below. A more extensive list can be found on the website, at

Harvard Square Hotel
Harvard Sq Hotel
110 Mt Auburn St., Harvard Sq.
$99/night (1 or 2 people)
very close

Hawthorn Suites Ltd Arlington
1 Mass Ave
Arlington MA 02474
beginning at $125 per room per night, up to 4 adults
1 m from Harvard

Days Hotel Boston/Cambridge
1234 Soldiers Field Rd.
Boston, MA 02135
starting at $88/night
1 m from Harvard


Harvard Square Parking Garage
20 Eliot St.
$21/day ($15 if you come in after 5 PM), $15 Sunday

The Charles Hotel Parking Garage
One Bennett St., Cambridge MA

Standard Parking
Ã124 Mt. Auburn st.

<>< RATES ><>

You can check on the status of your payment by going to

If you have not yet paid, you can pay at the door of the con. The rates will be:
* Student: $10 Friday, $15 Saturday, $10 Sunday ($25 at door for the whole con)
* Non-student: $15 Friday, $20 Saturday, $15 Sunday ($35 at door for the whole


If you've already volunteered for vericon, you should have heard from
our Volunteer Coordinator about it. If you haven't but you'd like to,
or you have any questions, send an email to volunteer@vericon.org.


Events: The schedule is posted on the website, and is still in flux. Check it
out on the website, and register for events online. Up-to-date information will
also be available at the information desk, at Vericon.

Food: There will be a limited supply of snacks, soda, coffee, sandwhich fixings available at the con.
If you wish to donate additional foods, munchies etc then please see the staff at the consuite (next to the cloak room).

There are several good restaurants in the Square, catering to all tastes and
budgets. Check out the list on the website, or ask for help at the
information/registration desk.

The Masq: The Masquerade Ball is 9 PM to midnight on Saturday. If you
have song requests, please email them now to the masq coordinator at
masq@vericon.org, because requests will not be taken during the masq

-Questions: Send an email to the appropriate person on this list:
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