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Notice From Letter By The Registration Coordinator

Online pre-registration for Vericon 13, March 22-24 2013, is now open! The pre-registration price will be available for the next three weeks. Early registrants can sign up to participate in events as they are added to the schedule, and add events of their own. Regular registration will remain open until March 11.

Register at http://www.vericon.org/cgi-bin/registration/reg_submit.cgi. You can also see information about our awesome speakers this year at http://www.vericon.org/speakers.html. This exciting lineup includes Greer Gilman, N.K. Jemisin, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Pelland, Jo Walton, and Guest of Honor Tamora Pierce! Make sure to check out the Schedule page as Vericon approaches, too, so you can stay appraised of all the exciting events we're planning for you this year.

And, of course, this year sees the return of the Charity Auction. Last year Vericon raised over $3500 for Doctors Without Borders. We are very pleased to continue this annual event, demonstrating the power of goodwill and cardboard.
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