unquietsoul5 (unquietsoul5) wrote in vericon_fans,

Vericon Needs Your Stuff!

Ok, efforts have continued on my part to acquire needed supplies for Vericon's Consuite. We now have toasters for the toasting of bread like stuff but are still in need of :

  • Large Ice Chest : I've hit every Hardware, Housewares and Supply Store in our area and found none. Anyone have one they can loan us to store Ice in?
  • Hand Vaccuum : A Dust Devil or similar quick picker upper. Last year the floor/carpet became a disaster by Sunday. Anyone Got one we can borrow?

We also need volunteers, as does all of the convention. Vericon needs more folks to run games and other nifty things at the convention. We also need folks to help fetch, tote, clean, organize, etc.

Checkout the website if you're interested in volunteering some time.

Tags: stuff, vericon, volunteers
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