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Pandemonium Fund Raising Pot Luck March 29th : Please Come & Help Out!

Pandemonium Books, our local Sf/Fantasy/Horror Books & Gaming Store
here in Cambridge (Pleasant St in Central Square) is facing some harsh
financial situations thanks to the slowing economy, accumulated debt thanks to
rising interest rates, and some operating overhead that wasn't expected
because of some companies they were dealing with merging with others and
then raising their rates.

Anyway, the store needs to raise money to deal with the State Revenue
Department, which is being less than sympathetic to small business needs
(which is why they seized Tosci's Ice Cream temporarily last month and closed
the doors).

What can you do?

1) Go Buy Stuff in store now instead of later. Don't put off purchases that you
want to make. Additionally Tyler will be taking pre-orders of the D&D 4th
Edition materials.

2) Go Get a Gift Certificate for yourself or someone you know (and don't spend
it for a few months). This basically moves debt from debt that has interest on it
to debt that is interest free. If the store can shift enough of it's debt it can
Consolidate the debt in a single bank loan with a fixed interest rate and things
will get better. Recommended is a certificate for anywhere from $25 on up.

3) On Saturday March 29th we, the friends and fans of the store and the
community around it, are having a Pot Luck Fundraiser in the evening from
7-11. Basically this is a party for folks to meet and greet, play some board &
card games, share food and throw some money into the kitty directly. We have
the store's downstairs facilities to ourselves for this gathering.

The rules for the Potluck is everyone throws $10 minimum into the 'Save
Pandemonium Fund' (more would be better) and brings a food item to share.

I'll be doing the logistics for this (folks who know me from my running of the
Vericon Con Suite in 2006 and 2007 know that this sort of thing is what I do
best). I'll have all the usual supplies to eat and serve with, and will be set up for
hot drinks. The store has soda stocked up stairs.

If you want to bring (or buy and use) a game at the gathering all the better, but
we'll have a big pile of games for folks that want to game.

We'll also be brainstorming on how we can get Pandemonium into a financial
stable situation, how to bring in new customers, and ways to make the store
more customer friendly.

The event will run from 7-11 on March 29th, and you can drop in anytime from
7-10 (the store officially closes at 10, but we'll be able to use the space until 11
as is usual for gaming events in the store as well. There's no requirement that
you stay the entire time, but we'd be glad to have you involved.

For those who haven't been to the store, it's at 4 Pleasant Street in Cambridge,
in Central Square off of Mass Ave. Look for the 7-11 and the Post Office,
Pleasant Street starts between them and Pandy is right behind the 7-11 Store.
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